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Powder Metallurgy Materials and Processes

Iron & Carbon Steels:  
Low to medium to high stressed mechanical components in iron, steel and high carbon steel . . . more info
Copper Steels:  
Applicable for medium to high stress mechanical components and heavy duty bearings . . . more info
Nickel Steels:  
High strength, impact resistant and wear resistant mechanical components . . . more info
Copper Infiltrated Steels:  
Excellent strength and shock resistance for hydraulic applications, sprockets and wear plates . . . more info
Stainless Steels:  
Magnetic or non-magnetic, corrosion resistance for mechanical and instrument components . . . more info
Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver:  
Structural and hardware components, good conductivity . . . more info
Soft Magnetic Materials:  
DC magnetic applications including cores, armatures, generator rotors, solenoids and switching . . . more info
Powder Metallurgy Process:  
Mold and sintering processes with secondary services including plating, heat treating and machining . . . more info

Company Information

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PM Krupp High Speed Steels, Los Angeles, CA - Makes fully-dense stainless and high-speed steels using the liquid-phase sintering process create near net shape parts for the cutting tool, oil tool, and industrial pump markets.
PolyAlloys Injected Metals, Los Angeles, CA - Manufactures complex-shaped metal injection molded components from a wide variety of stainless steels, low-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals for the medical, aerospace, computer and consumer products industries.
Ferro-Tic SBC, Newburgh, NY - Manufactures fully-dense PM steel bonded titanium carbide materials for high impact and high wear applications using the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) process. Applications include industrial knives, guide rolls, seals, extrusion dies and heading punches.
BestMetal Corporation, Woodstock, IL - Produces larger PM components in short to medium run lengths for the valve, food processing, and power transmission markets. Gears, splines, sprockets and secondary machining are specialties.
Yillik Precision Carbides, Ontario, CA - Specializes in high wear tungsten carbide components such as precision drill bushings, nozzels, seals and tooling components for a wide variety of industries.