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Benefits of Powder Metallurgy

Excellent Surface Finishes
Ability to use the benefits of Controlled Porosity
Excellent Tolerance Control abilities
Low to High Volume Capable Process
Very Cost-Effective Processing
Inexpensive Materials

Powder Metallurgy Application
& Material Information

Automotive Parts
Electric Contacts
Soft Magnetic Cores

Cams, Sprockets & Wear Gears
Heavy Duty Bearings
Instrument Components
Armatures, Rotors, Stator Cores & Relays

Pacific Sintered Metals, a division of PSM Industries Inc., specializes in powder metallurgy fabrication. Powder metallurgy (PM) has the capability of creating highly complex, precision parts and components that can be utilized in a variety of industrial applications.

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Other processes we have on our shop floor: 

Steam Oxide Process
Resin Impregnation Process
Oil Impregnation Process

Temper Process
Ultra Sonic Cleaning Process
Deburring Process