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Company Profile - A World Leader in Design & Engineering Solutions for Powdered Metal Fabrications

Powder Metal FabricationSince 1956, Pacific Sintered Metals has been a family business centered on one creative provide the widest range of solutions in parts fabrication through PM technology. Today, Pacific Sintered Metals sits on a seven-acre campus in the heart of Los Angeles. From its humble beginning, Pacific Sintered Metals took advantage of breakthrough technology in metal fabrication and helped develop the technology into the powerhouse process it represents today. Today, Pacific Sintered Metals manufactures a wide variety of precision-engineered PM parts through its four operating divisions.
Pacific Sintered Metals has become a world leader in design and engineering solutions for powdered metal fabrication. We have learned how to take advantage of every related technology, how to utilize a broad range of options to bring our customers the rarest of all commodities in production: peace-of-mind.
That's why smart engineers we've worked with over the years know that by bringing their challenges to Pacific Sintered Metals, their visions have a better chance of seeing daylight. They recognize that if anyone can find a solution, it's Pacific Sintered Metals.

Contact Information:
Pacific Sintered Metals
Division of PSM Industries, Inc.
14000 Avalon Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90061
Telephone: 310-715-9800
Fax: 310-715-1414

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